What is IASC?

International Association of Soteric Counselors embraces a whole-person (soteric) approach for treatment of those seeking restoration from personal and relational issues. Basic to the soteric approach is the belief that (a) healing is possible for every human being, and that (b) such healing, to have permanence, must first begin in the center of the self: the human spirit.

Click Here ¬†Read the article by Chairman of the Board Nathaniel J. Wilson, “What is Soteric Counseling?”.


Our Mission

The mission of IASC is to help meet the needs of the local church body by providing Christ-centered professional counseling referrals and resources to the apostolic community. The foundation of our approach is Apostolic, based on the infallible Word of God, and anchored in the transformation and restoration of the whole person to God.


Board Members



Chairman of the Board
Nathaniel J. Wilson, Ed.D.


Board Member
Beth D. Baus, MS, MTS, MFT


Board Member
Christina Blash, LMSW


Board Member
Daniel Blash, PhD, LPC, NCC


Board Member
Larry L. Booker


Board Member
Jason E. Carr, MS, MFT


Board Member
Karissa J. King, MA, LMFT


Board Member
Devon Mills, LAPC, LAMFT


Board Member
B.J. Wilmoth, MA