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From Suffering to Surrender

I am not really into puzzles, but one day I saw an especially beautiful one and bought it.  I took it home and dumped the contents of the box on the table and instead of a beautiful picture what I saw was a bunch of disconnected and scattered pieces; the longer I looked at it,…

Forgiveness, Is It Possible?

The World News headline from May 26, 2012 reads: “Nazi war criminal Klaas Carel Faber dies at 90 in Germany, still a fugitive.” On the day the article was published, over 100 people responded with their comments.  Most were too vulgar to publish in this magazine, but I included just a few mild ones for…

“YOLO”: False Anxiety Relief or a Commitment to Courageous Leadership?

“YOLO!” Tweens, teens and young adults across America have ecstatically uttered this word lately. The trendy acronyms stands for “You Only Live Once” and constitutes a suggestion to relinquish the cautious and careful approach to life in order to gain a perceived sense of unrestrained freedom. What do we make of this generational paradigm shift?…

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